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Rachelle Garniez: "La Vie en Rose"


February 2, 2004

アコーディオン奏者で歌い手でもあるラシェル・ガニエのいたずらなベル演奏、ボーカルとトーマス・ドルビーによるキーボードのコラボレーション--TED House Bandがエディス・ピアフ原曲の"バラ色の人生"の素晴らしい演奏をお送りします。

Rachelle Garniez - Musician
Mischievous and deeply original, accordionist Rachelle Garniez plays her own witty songs and gives a beautiful swing to the classics. Full bio

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Double-click the English subtitles below to play the video.
Thomas Dolby: For pure pleasure
トーマス ドルビー:純粋な楽しみのため
please welcome the lovely,
お迎えください 美しく
the delectable,
愛らしい 2カ国語話者でもある
and the bilingual Rachelle Garniez.
ラシェル ガニエです
Rachelle Garniez: ♫ Quand il me prend dans ses bras ♫
♫ Il me parle tout bas, ♫
♫ Je vois la vie en rose. ♫
♫ Il me dit des mots d'amour, ♫
♫ Des mots de tous les jours, ♫
♫ Et ca me fait quelque chose. ♫
♫ Il est entre dans mon coeur ♫
♫ Une part de bonheur ♫
♫ Dont je connais la cause. ♫
♫ C'est lui pour moi. Moi pour lui ♫
♫ Dans la vie, ♫
♫ Il me l'a dit, l'a jure [pour] la vie. ♫
♫ Et des que je l'apercois ♫
♫ Alors je sens en moi ♫
♫ああ 感じるわ♫
♫ Mon coeur qui bat ♫
Translator:Takahiro Shimpo
Reviewer:Yuki Saito

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Thomas Dolby - Electronic music pioneer
Thomas Dolby has spent his career at the intersection of music and technology. He was an early star on MTV, then moved to Silicon Valley, then went back on the road with his album, "A Map of the Floating City."

Why you should listen

Perhaps best known for blinding us with science, Thomas Dolby has always blurred the lines between composition and invention. As a London teenager, Tom Robertson was fascinated with the convergence of music and technology. His experiments with an assortment of keyboards, synthesizers and cassette players led his friends to dub him “Dolby.” That same fascination later drove him to become an electronic musician and multimedia artist whose groundbreaking work fused music with computer technology and video. Two decades, several film scores, five Grammy nominations and countless live-layered sound loops later, it's clear Dolby's innovations have changed the sound of popular music.

In the 1990s, Dolby re-created himself as a digital-musical entrepreneur, founding Beatnik, which developed the polyphonic ringtone software used in more than half a billion cell phones. From 2001 to 2012, Dolby served as TED's Music Director, programming great music for the TED stage, assembling a wide variety of house bands and collaborations to play between speakers. At TED2010, backed by the string quarter Ethel, he premiered the song "Love Is a Loaded Pistol," from his sweeping, A Map of the Floating City. The album marked his return to recording and touring after a 15-year hiatus, and used seriously retro technology -- '40s-era oscilloscopes and Royal Navy field-test equipment -- to control modern synthesizers, in shows at once nostalgic and cutting edge.

In 2014, Dolby took on a new name: professor. He was named the Homewood Professor of the Arts at Johns Hopkins University, teaching the course "Sound on Film."

Rachelle Garniez - Musician
Mischievous and deeply original, accordionist Rachelle Garniez plays her own witty songs and gives a beautiful swing to the classics.

Why you should listen

Rachelle Garniez inhabits a skewed musical universe of accordions, ocarinas and women who growl like Tom Waits. Her brilliant playing has landed her gigs with musicians such as Rufus Wainwright and Dan Zanes, and she prowls around the neo-cabaret scene with her band the Fortunate Few. She's also a musical co-director of the theatrical troupe The Citizens Band.

Her latest album with the Fortunate Few is 2008's The Melusine Years.

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